The idea of the Rolletto first came as a marketing support for a street food cart, which was designed for selling pasta. Eating spaghetti while you are sitting is not difficult, but we had to come up with a solution that would enable everyone to enjoy spaghetti while standing or walking.

To please all those who love spaghetti, which is the best known Italian pasta, we have placed inside the bowl, a fixed half-sphere that helps one to roll the spaghetti without using a spoon!

This makes eating spaghetti easier and faster, using the support of one hand only.

patented plate

We were surprised that we had found a solution not only for those who love street food, but also for those who want to use this dish at home, or for the traditional catering use.

It is also perfect for children and for all people who love eating spaghetti!

Rolletto Spaghetto Perfetto!

Data Sheet

spaghetti dish