Not only Spaghetti

Not only Spaghetti | Discover other opportunities for street food!

The Perfect Ice Cream

gelato perfetto
Italian Ice Cream
A cart in retro style: Beginning from two containers, 5 kg each. The cooling is guaranteed for a maximum of six-hours. Even without electricity, you will always have a perfect ice cream.

The Perfect Cannolo

cannolo perfetto
Cannolo: Sicilian pastry rolls with sweet filling
It is the only cart which enables you to fill your cannoli on demand with real, excellent Sicilian ricotta. This is the way to taste a cannolo perfetto any time you like. The art of Sicilian confectionary is everywhere!

The Perfect Granita

granita perfetta
Granita: Crushed-Ice Drink
It is fixed onto a cart in retro style. It enables you to serve 50 granitas in one hours’ time, filling with pleasure everyone who wants to have a cooling drink, being faithful to the Sicilian tradition!


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