New business

mockup store


Rolletto New Business, in all its versions, is not only a dish which simplifies the way you eat spaghetti, but it is also a good idea for a business investment.

We have also considered those who want a personalized version of the Rolletto, instead of the original.


Rolletto FAST

A restaurant specializing in selling mainly spaghetti, but also other types of pasta, like a buffet supper or take away:
For a maximum of 20 seats, inside you can find a corner for selling baked clay plates and local products.
It is ideal for those who want to sell their products in tourist resorts, or where many people are to be found, for example, on main streets or shopping centers.

Internal View 

ristorante spaghetti

External View

spaghetteria ristorante rolletto


Rolletto MOBILE

The take away that “moves,” meaning that it has been designed for those who love “street food,” with the idea of having an active business. They do not wait for their customers, they look for them!
This is a design that can be produced on a cart in retro style or on an Ape three-wheeler. Both can be personalized.